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Advice On How To Cure Cold And Fever With Honey

by snowpink

posted on 03/25/2009

Honey has been known in the world for many generation as a "miracle food" because of its versatilities. It has many health benefits and Asian people partly relies on honey as a natural remedy for fever and cold.

Cold and fever are very common especially when the weather is extreme. Health professionals always warned the people to take extra precautions by bringing umbrella and something to wear when rainy season comes in, or when during summer when our body required to stay outdoor. But despite of some precautionary measures, there are days when cold and fever couldn't be prevented. Most household, especially in some parts of Asian provinces like the Philippine countryside refused to take medicines because of its effect to the liver, so people from these areas resort to home remedies which naturally cure illnesses without adverse side effects.

One of known remedies in the Philippines are Lagundi and Honey. But the very common is honey which offers miraculous healing to patients, it has many benefits including cure for cold and fever. Here's how to prepare honey for whenever you have fever and cold:

First, prepare one glass of lukewarm water and squeeze 1 lemon juice and pour it to the water with 1 teaspoon of honey, properly mixed it and drink 3 times a day. Try to integrate the process by eating fresh fruits like banana, oranges, pineapple, apple and strawberry too, the very high concentration of vitamin C of these fruits effectively washed out bacteria. Refrain from drinking cold water during this period, it may only worsen your condition. Honey can help boost immune system and helps fight diseases inside the body system.

Second, eat at least two bananas twice a day lathered with honey for a fast recovery. Try to include this routine (eating banana and drinking lukewarm water with honey)after each meal and repeat the above procedure until cold and fever go away. Do not drink coffee and alcoholic drinks at the duration of your illness, it may only add to some discomfort. Try to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables too and drink lots of water and fruit juices to eliminate toxin and waste substances and keep your digestive tract healthy and cleanse all the time.

Above all, honey can do some trick for different illnesses, aside from cold and fever, it is also an effective remedy for swollen gums, acne and pimples even arthritis. Honey has an anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial properties that effectively heal and cleanse all bacteria. Honey can be bought at the supermarket and since it has no expiration date, you can bought it in advance and keep it in your refrigerator sealed in a bottle container.

So the next time you have cold and fever disregard all those medicines and try to reach for honey which is very safe and proven to have a tremendous healing effect.

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